2222 11 2020

Rustic Reduction Linocut

22 November 2020|

Running a bit late for entry “Bugs in the System”

this was an experiment with a reduction print using

the caustic soda to add a rustic look to the finished piece.

Rustic Wanderer Reduction Linocut with Stitch

2929 10 2020

“Bugs” at Mary Cairncross Maleny – Maleny Printmakers

29 October 2020|

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is a great venue for an exhibition of

 inspirational works by a group of Maleny Printmakers members.

Exhibition of works are available for sale  in the Conference Space until November 1.

1919 10 2020

“Bugs” at Mary Cairncross – Maleny Printmakers

19 October 2020|









Silkscreen with chine collé and stitch
300gsm Stonehenge paper  30 x 32 cm Unique State

The Wanderer (Monarch) Butterfly, (Danaus plexippus  plexippus), is a frequent visitor to Mary Cairncross
Conservation Reserve resting lightly on this pristine environment.
This series continues my exploration of the fragile relationship between the map as a representation of
containment and the natural world.

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2121 09 2020


21 September 2020|

“Untethered” 2020

Repurposed paper map mounted between glass

The wonderful birds that frequent my garden daily help me live comfortably in my Covid  ‘bubble’.
Their freedom to transit boundaries is a stark reminder of the impact on us of borders both within Australia and beyond.


 Geography has always been a prison of sorts – one that defines what a country or individual is or can be. But this pandemic has made the boundaries imposed by geography and those more recently imposed by politics more starkly evident.

Our wings are clipped at present  but humanity’s restless spirit ensures that we will not be confined to our own pale blue dot on a map. I plan to use this time to prepare for new opportunities to continue to travel within the “new normal”.

As we wait, the return to working with maps in my art practice seems to have become more urgent.

2525 03 2020

2020 – a memorable year

25 March 2020|

    Dreams ?

It has been good to say goodbye to 2019,
to leave behind sadness, regrets and the sense of  helplessness
… to rejoin the world… but what a world…

Dreams? A two plate solar plate etching on oils with chiné collé on  arches.

I’ve been thinking a lot today about dreams and how they are often shattered by reality,

and how our loved ones and communities are often left to pick up the pieces.

Today its about lives in lines of desperation – what will tomorrow bring?

2727 05 2018

Visiting Granny

27 May 2018|




This is the first of some planned mixed media works focussing on linocut which will celebrate Grannys as the keepers of our collective memory.

“Granny’s vase” is my first of the series.

This project continues to combine my cultural heritage interests with printmaking of various forms.

It is also an example of my current experimentation with adding stencil work by hand to the single linocut pull in oils. A big saving on the time it takes to prepare and use masks.

This gives a more painterly effect but moves the work into the realm of “Unique State” as far as printmaking is concerned in much the same way as hand-painting linocuts does, because the works are not completely accurate replications and therefore not editioned.

U/S is conventionally marked 1/1 these days.


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